Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wedding weekend

Family portrait at the wedding

We are just getting home after the beautiful wedding of Sean Myles and Gina Haverstock. The wedding was held in the gorgeous coastal village of Malagash, NS (along the Northumberland Strait) directly across the road from the Jost Winery. Alan was doing sound for the wedding as well as playing a few tunes with David, so Sean and Gina generously put us up in the Jost family homestead where we were surrounded by ocean views and the vineyard. Cale decided to sleep through the ceremony, but he did great during the early part of the reception and for part of the winery tour.

Caleb was able to fall asleep on his own again last night and I'm sure he is sleeping for longer stretches. It's like he hardly needs his momma anymore!! I'm really proud of him and feel ready to try to get him back to sleeping in his crib this week. Arlo stayed in a kennel for the weekend, and just like last time, he decided to tear his bed to shreds. I think he gets a bit stressed being on his own, but the owner said other than the bed incident, he was a perfect guest. So now both Arlo and Caleb need to get used to sleeping in new beds.

Caleb getting a kick out of himself in our bedroom mirror!

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kathy said...

How is it possible that Caleb gets cuter and cuter with each new picture????!!! I am so proud to be an aunt to such a smart and lovely little man!